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If you have been wrongfully discriminated against in a professional or public setting, please contact us to schedule a free consultation today. We look forward to helping you receive the legal representation you deserve.

CivilRights & Discrimination Attorney in Seattle, WA

Jeffrey L. Needle is a civil rights and discrimination attorney in Seattle, WA. He tenaciously represents our clients throughout the Seattle metropolitan area in a wide variety of discrimination and *civil rights-related cases*. With over 20 years of experience, we are determined to represent people whose rights have been trampled.

We Can Help You With:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Wage/Hour Violations
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • And More!
Discrimination attorney Seattle, WA

Examples of Litigation

Chen, et al v. King County, et al, WDW No. CV 00987 MJP (2009)(First Amendment); Cole v. Harveyland, 163 Wn.App. 199, 258 P.3d 70 (2011)(disability discrimination - retaliation); Sawyer v. Automotive Equipment & Supply, et al,; KC No. 09-2-31246-0 SEA (2012)(wage and hour - wrongful discharge); Peterson v. National Securities Technologies, EDW No. CV-12-5025-TOR (2013)(race retaliation); Ude v. Diamond Parking, King County Cause No. 95-2-18888-5SEA (1998)(race discrimination - punitive damages); Swinton v. U.S. Mat, 270 F. 3d 794 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, 2001 (2001)(racially hostile work environment - punitive damages); Burnside v. Simpson Paper, 66 Wn.App. 510, 832 P.2d 537 affirmed, 123 Wn.2d 93 (1994)(age discrimination and implied contract); Redmon v. Air Industries Corporation, WDW, #C95-482WD (1997)(whistleblower, wrongful discharge); McGinnis v. Kentucky Fried Chicken, 42 F.3rd 1273 (9th Cir. 1994)(disability discrimination, punitive damages).

Examples of Federal Amicus Curiae Representation

Staub v. Proctor Hospital, 562 US 647, 131 S. Ct. 1186, 179 L. Ed. 2d 144 (2011) (proximate cause standard to be applied for "cat's paw" liability); Gross v. FBL Financial Services, 557 US 167, 129 S. Ct. 2343, 174 L. Ed. 2d 119 (2009)(standard of liability under ADEA); Costa v. Desert Palace, 539 US 90, 123 S. Ct. 2148, 156 L. Ed. 2d 84 (2003)(use of "motivating factor" standard under Title VII); Collins v. Harker Heights, Tex., 503 U.S. 115, 112 S.Ct. 1061, 117 L.Ed.2d 261 (1992)(Amicus for AAJ - deliberate indifference under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983); Kolstad v. American Dental Association, 119 S.Ct. 2118 (1999)(Amicus for AAJ - Punitive damages under Title VII); Chavez v. Martinez, 538 US 760, 123 S. Ct. 1994, 155 L. Ed. 2d 984 (2003)(application of qualified immunity under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983).

Examples of State Amicus Curiae Representation

Scrivener v. Clark College, 176 Wn. App. 405, 309 P. 3d 613 (2013), review granted (whether the "substantial factor" standard applies at summary judgment under the WLAD)(pending); Ockletree v. Franciscan Health System, 179 Wash. 2d 769, 317 P. 3d 1009 (2014) (definition of employer under the WLAD is unconstitutional as applied to employees who provide no religious duties); Weiss v. Lonnquist, 173 Wn. App. 344, 293 P. 3d 1264 (2013)(jeopardy element of public policy tort does not apply to internal complaints about violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct); Hill v. Garda Cl Northwest, Inc., 176 Wn.2d 1010, 297 P. 3d 706 (2013)(provision of collective bargaining agreement requiring pre-dispute mandatory arbitration were unconscionable under Washington law); Anfinson v. Fedex Ground Package System, 174 Wn. 2d 851, 281 P. 3d 289 (2012)("economic realities" test applies to mis-classification of employees under Washington MWA); Cudney v. Alsco, Inc., 172 Wn. 2d 524, 259 P. 3d 244 (2011)(application of the jeopardy element of public policy tort to driving under the influence and WISHA regulations); White v. State of Washington, 131 Wn.2d 1, 929 P.2d 396 (1996)(First Amendment and public policy wrongful discharge claim); MacKay v. Acorn Custom Cabinetry, 127 Wn.2d 302, 898 P.2d 284 (1995) ("substantial factor" standard established in state discrimination cases - amicus for WELA); Griffin v. Eller, 130 Wn.2d 97 (1996)(eight or less jurisdictional limitation under state law- Amicus for WELA); Hill v. BCTI, Supreme Court No. 68783-8 (2000)(pretext plus - amicus for WELA); Ellis v. City of Seattle, Supreme Court No.68252-6 (2000)(public policy tort - reasonable belief standard - amicus for WELA); Snyder v. Medical Services Corp., Supreme Court No. 69091-0 (2001)(Amicus for WELA - meaning of disability under state law); Brown v. Safeway, Supreme Court No. 69067-7 (2001) (amicus for WELA - individual liability under state law against discrimination); Bulman v. Safeway, Supreme Court No. 68670-0 (2001) (amicus for WELA - reliance on employer's policies); State v. Barber, 118 Wn.2nd 335, 823 P.2d 335 (1992)(amicus for ACLU - racial incongruity can not be considered in probable cause determination); Reid v. Pierce County, 136 Wn.2d 195, 206, 961 P.2d 333 (1998) (amicus for ACLU - common law privacy); ain Benjamin v. WSBA, 138 Wn.2d 506, 515, 980 P.2d 742 (1999)(alleging wrongful discharge in violation of First Amendment rights and constitutional tort - amicus for ACLU);